Action Recovery: Brain Injury Awareness Month

March 30, 2016

To commemorate March as Brain Injury Awareness Month and to celebrate the recovery journey of those with an acquired brain injury, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Action Recovery Services joined together to create artwork that promotes hope and holistic wellness.

The painting incorporates a green ribbon, symbolizing the recovery journey.  The word hope was emblazoned across the canvass as a reminder of the value of supports, including family, allies, and peers.  Action Recovery participants were asked to contribute some of their time in order to create the unified painting.  The creative process solidified relationships among the residents and provided a means to educate others about the strengths of those diagnosed with a brain injury.

As March comes to an end, we encourage you to learn more about brain injury statistics and supports.  We look forward to providing supportive coaching and structured services for individuals who experience a brain injury.


"It is helpful to have continuity of care between our son’s living environment at Mount Trexler Manor and the therapeutic programs at the Joint Commission accredited clinic at New Vitae."

- Sharon L. (family member)