New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Leaders Participate in Economic Summit

May 15, 2018

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery President and CEO, Judith Yanacek, and Vice President of Business Operations, Michelle Beck, attended Univest’s 2018 Economic Summit in King of Prussia on Friday, May 5th.  The Keynote Speaker, Dr. Edmond J. Seifried, professor emeritus at Lafayette College, provided an informative expert’s economic viewpoint.  A panel of professionals working in areas ranging from banking to healthcare answered participants’ questions about their view of the current economy and what is in store for the future.  The group of experts expressed optimism in a strong economy for the next few years.

"As a staff member, I have learned a lot about mental health and I have witnessed many residents transform from a place of fear and paranoia to becoming outgoing, secure, content and able to hold a job in the community and much more.”

- Cathy K. (staff)