Hope and Healing Juried Art Show Artwork Installations

June 25, 2015

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is a proud recipient of 10 art installations that were featured in the Hope and Healing Juried Art Show. The show, sponsored by Rodale's Healing through the Arts organization, featured a variety of art displays donated by high school and college students. Each entry utilized the artist's preferred medium, including water colors, illustration marker, oil paint, and photography, but all of the work shared a common theme: health and healing.

Following an awards ceremony, the works of art were distributed to local hospitals, physician offices, and recovery centers with the belief that beauty and creativity associated with artwork promotes healing. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is looking forward to displaying the donations throughout our residential support sites and in our behavioral health clinic. The inspiration associated with these art pieces emphasizes hope as a fundamental element of recovery.

Healing through the Arts is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to nurturing the dreams and goals of those diagnosed with an illness while celebrating the talent of artists. For additional information on the art show, please visit the Healing through the Arts webpage at www.htta.org.


"I had Major Depression, anxiety, (and) PTSD.  Through deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment, the support of my wife, and the care from New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center staff, I got my life back."

- Mike D. (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation user)