William Leiner Jr. Presents Brain Wellness and Recovery Findings in Buena Vista, Florida

October 28, 2015

There are numerous brain wellness models that teach how a person can achieve a more healthy lifestyle. In behavioral health, the Recovery Model has been utilized to increase empowerment and emphasize active participation by the person in the person's recovery.  William Leiner Jr. has explored the integration of the principles of brain wellness with the ten principles of the Recovery Model.  Leiner hopes to facilitate identifiable health and recovery benefits for adults experiencing behavioral health challenges through the application of these concepts in a large residential setting to enhance personal recovery. 

An education effort occurred at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Mount Trexler Manor to explore his hypothesis. The first step in this effort was to raise awareness and understanding of the brain wellness principles, the ten principles of the Recovery Model, and inform both service participants and staff about how the two models can be integrated.  The second phase is a self-report to gauge if each individual is gaining an understanding the concepts. The final phase was a self-report in an individual interview to explore understanding of the brain wellness principles and the Recovery model.

Results of this inquiry were submitted in early October, 2015. Bill is presenting his findings at the October 2015 annual conference of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association in Buena Vista, Florida. Further education is planned using the process and knowledge accrued in this effort to enhance the recovery supports throughout New Vitae Wellness and Recovery

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in dTMS. It has truly changed my outlook on life. I feel amazing. My mood is so much better."

- Liam W. (resident)