Sanctuary Principles at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery

October 11, 2016

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery proudly supports the values held forth by the Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care (Bloom, Foderero, & Ryan, 1996). 

The Sanctuary Model emphasizes seven commitments in organizational interactions: 

Nonviolence: We work hard to make sure that we are physically safe and that we feel safe with the people around us.
Emotional Intelligence: We work to express our feelings in healthy ways that don’t hurt ourselves or others.
Social Learning: We are committed to sharing our ideas with others and listening to others share their ideas.
Democracy: We acknowledge that we make better decisions when everyone plays a part in the decision making.
Open Communication: We don’t keep our thoughts to ourselves; we say what we mean but aren’t mean when we say it!
Social Responsibility: Together we get more done. We are committed to helping one another.
Growth and Change: If we want things to get better, we need to believe that we can grow and change. We know it’s hard!

The Sanctuary Model is also a set of ideas for organizations to follow to become more trauma-informed in a holistic way, and includes seven commitments as well as an organizing principle called "S.E.L.F."

SAFETY:   allows us room to manage our emotions.  When we feel safe mentally and physically, we are much more likely to express ourselves with confidence and increasing ease.  
EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT:  Allows the expression of loss which we have all experienced in our lives.  Often after expressing our loss, we are able to move beyond it into new areas of growth and fulfilment.
The ability to express LOSS allows us to think about our future, because the loss is no longer an insurmountable boundary.  
Creating our own FUTURE allows us to fulfill our dreams, and become all that we can be.  

If you would like to belong to a community which champions and practices values and ideals such as these on a day-to-day basis, contact us using the links here.   
Bloom, S., Federaro, J., & Ryan, R.  "The Sanctuary Model." (n.d.). Retrieved October 11, 2016 from

"Thank you so much for helping me start the healing process in a positive way.  I was apprehensive that the program would be right for me and that I could succeed.  I have been able to reinvent myself as a calmer, happier, sober person."

- Diane A. (former treatment participant)