Thank You, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Staff: 2015 Staff Appreciation Day

July 13, 2015

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery celebrated its 2015 Staff Appreciation Day with a health and benefits fair and luncheon on Thursday, June 18th. Traditionally held in June to celebrate the anniversary of incorporation, Staff Appreciation Day originates back to the 1990's, when a cookout was held at each site.  More recent festivities have grown the fun to include a larger, shared party to increase the opportunity of socialization across our sites.

This year, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery staff enjoyed a luncheon of vegetable and fruit trays, a selection of sandwiches, salads and desserts. Festive music played as colleagues shared a meal and great conversation. Prizes were offered via raffles, and each staff member received raffle tickets to win door prizes. Those employees who had been with the company for over one year also received additional tickets - one extra for each additional year of service. Raffle prizes included tickets to Dorney Park, movie tickets, and even a Philadelphia sports team basket. One lucky raffle winner even brought home a new television!

Many joined in a trivia game and a word game that awarded winners an extra paid day off. Kyle Knight and Dan Culichia both rose to the top with their knowledge about the history of our company; additionally, Patricia Landis won an additional day off with pay for making a whopping 427 words out of "New Vitae Wellness and Recovery"!  Great job!

Congratulations to the Resident Choice award winners! These awards are part of an annual tradition where residents choose and enter their vote for their favorite staff. During the party, special presentations were made to this year's winners. These highly valued prizes are given to staff members who go the extra mile for residents, and offer helpful support throughout the year.  Special thanks go to this year's winners: Tantrell Hunt from Young Adult Services in Quakertown, Brian Considine from Quakertown House, Danny Smith from Pathways, Ted Collier from Mount Trexler Manor, and Mike Bangert from Young Adult Services at Mount Trexler Manor. Each winner received a trophy and cash award. Thank you to all of the winners and nominees!

Following the awards, employees were invited to hear presentations from various vendors who provide health care, banking, and other benefits for New Vitae employees, including eXude, Capital Blue Cross, and other specialized instructors to assist with wellness. To all New Vitae Wellness and Recovery employees: we appreciate all that you do to serve our communities by promoting hope, health, and wellness!



“Quakertown House promotes a community of acceptance and understanding for all of the people who come here from many diverse walks of life.  Lasting friendships are formed and many great memories are made.“

- Marissa F. (staff)