Network of Care for Veterans

December 7, 2016

Sadly, many Veterans encounter a lack of support, choices, and access when seeking healthcare services and community resources.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery remains dedicated to serving Veterans to ensure holistic care options and treatment services.  Led by our Veteran Services Coordinator and clinical team members, Veterans and their families are connected with tools to guide the process of wellness and recovery.  

One important resource is the Network of Care (NOC), a web portal introduced by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf earlier this year.  NOC is designed to centralize local services, employment and housing opportunities, insurance choices, and other supports for veterans and their families.    

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is proud to be listed on the NOC site and will continue to use our resources to assist veterans, military members and their families.  We encourage you to visit the NOC sites by selecting a link below.


NOC Lehigh County, PA



"I feel so much stronger, healthier, and more positive since attending.  I really feel like I worked on myself, not just my addiction.  I like who I'm becoming.  All of my relationships have improved."

- Dawn R. (former treatment participant)